sub specie aeternitatis

I am Not a Clock

Know what I don’t like?  When a person at a table asks me my name.  I am there to serve you food, not become your next best friend.  I don’t care to know your name and I don’t care for you to know mine.  What always makes it worse is that those that want to […]

From Violin to Saxophone to. . Python?

If I had asked myself 10 years ago where I thought I’d be today, starting over on in new field would not have been a possibility.  I would be somewhere in some sort of paying gig doing something with music.  My 17 year old self wasn’t sure what he wanted exactly, but knew that he […]

Testing nextGen Gallery

[nggallery id=1]At work in the main library on a bitter cold, slow winter morning.  Thought I’d find some new WordPress plugins.  You’ll see a del.ici.ous plugin on the right sidebar and I’ll test out an image gallery plugin using this post.

My Thoughts Exactly, Mr. Kay

Reading a great interview with Alan Kay about computers and education, I came across this gem: Q: What do you think of the current trend toward one-to-one computing in schools, in which every kid has his or her own laptop or handheld? A: Well, that’s why I invented the idea of the Dynabook [Kay’s 1968 […]

A Little Note From 1844

On my rounds in the computer lab in the music library I ran across a book called Music Explained to the World by F.J Fetis, originally written in French.  Seeing the date 1844 stamped on the front (this copy was a newer printing) I opened it at the introduction and found Fetis’ thoughts interesting enough […]

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